Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Hilfiger Ad Model

Today's Handsomest Man is the dark haired guy in the middle in this Hilfiger ad. He has that "look" he gives the camera that makes him very much present. There is an interchange the other models don't have. He should be going on to the movies. Anyone know his name??


Dear David,
I have a friend who is into all kinds of S. & M. stuff. Curiously, however, he also tell me that who is the most exciting for him is imagining what he is going to do than actually doing it, why could that be?
~ The Sex Reporter

Dear Sex Reporter,
I think this is the world of the isolated person, which is probably expanding around us all the time with all the texting and iphone stuff going on. Your friend lives in an imaginary world. Then when he brings it to life it is less thrilling. His sex life is really a form of masturbation. There are no real people in it for him. Perhaps real people intimidate him or he feels he is not as good as they are. It's hard to grow in this world and a lot of gay men aren't really trying. You might give him my book, "How To Be Gay in the 21st Century."

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