Thursday, May 10, 2012

Men's Fashion & Artists Kehinde Wiley & Karen Kilimnik

Fashion this week will be for men and very avante garde:

I don't know why but I am nuts about this little plastic jacket. I'm not quite sure who is doing it on the haute couture level but my guess is you're going to see much less expensive copies right away.

This strange glitter top and shiny bloomers outfit is from Calvin Klein (of all people), and I would ordinarily shun it but with the plastic jacket you could strike quite a figure. You have to have some nerve to wear this but somehow I think it it very 21st century and not unmanly.

Hugo Boss has the look for summer in this pink jacket with grey pants, shirt, and tie. Boss is not considered up there with the big names but I always find the clothes are very well cut, make you look and are just daring enough.

This Armani white jacket look is great. This is what your jackets should look like.

I also want to talk to you a little bit about art today. There is an artist just coming on the scene, Kehinde Wiley. I bought two marble busts by him a few years ago and New York is now just catching on. He is a portrait painter, large scale, very classical technique but very modern subjects. I love him. I think this is where the 21st century art is going.

Also, look out for artist Karen Kilimnik. This painting of a British country house is part of an installation she does. She is at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Connecticut right now. That's a foundation created by the zillionare Peter Brant. Yes, he's married to Stephanie Seymour, the model. I remember Stephanie when she was working in New York at about the age of fourteen. She must have had a very ambitious mother. And look where she is now!

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