Monday, June 25, 2012

Entertainment Weekly's cover story about actors coming out

Dear David,
Entertainment Weekly recently had a cover story on actors in the entertainment industry who have come out and are openly homosexual. Is this a trend or a little ass-kissing to a trend? There were no major stars in their story.
~Dew. B. Us

Dear Dew B., 
What do I think? No, I don't think a big romantic male leading man can come out. American men imagine they are George Clooney, etc. They can't handle their alter egos being gay.

More major, I think, is the death of much of the entertainment industry as we know it. All these big splashy movies have leading ladies and men you've never heard of, probably won't again and have about as much personality as the leading characters in video games. The public will stop thinking of them as real people and won't fall in love with them. So they can be sexually attracted to wallpaper or anything else and who cares?

Plus, the whole entertainment industry is probably going on a little screen in your lap, so having movie idols will be even more quickly hastened away. When everything is on screen it all becomes like porn. You're excited but no one is real. Therefore, whether they are gay or not just doesn't matter.

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