Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fashion day - suits, jackets, and espadrilles

Here we are, fashion day. You're probably getting bored with me as I recommend the same things for summer, but here are some new pictures. The look for this summer is quite clear. Lose some weight and get into it!

This Ermengilda Zegna suit at more than you want to spend but I will bet much less expensive copies are all over town. Check out the cut of the jacket - short crop and the one button is high.

The short blazer, shorts and big bag is definitely the look for the weekend. This is such a good look.

I love this bright red jacket with the really blue blue jeans. This is the "two bright" colors look - all you need is a bright color jacket and some new jeans and you've got it.

Espadrilles. These Tom Ford ones here are crazily expensive. But I like them a lot in the summer instead of sandals. You can push the back down and shove you foot in and they stay on. For a cheaper version try Toms shoes.

This little look by Hugo Boss is excellent if you are lacking nerve. The striped T-shirt, blazer and big dark glasses. Come on. Go for it.

This is the ladies version. Excellent.

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