Monday, June 18, 2012

Is love more important than anything else?

Dear David,
You always say love is more important than anything else. Why?
~Love Wonderin'

Dear Love Wonderin',
Well may you wonder. I believe that love is what must be pursued more than all those other attractive things like money, fame, popularity, you name it because love is the one thing you experience that is beyond the framework of our daily life. Remember, we are on this spaceship ball whirling through space, which everyone wants us to ignore. They want you to pay attention to the neighbors, your boss, getting ahead, etc. But when you are in love you have this experience where the one and one of you is so much more than two. You realize you are experiencing something big emotionally that justifies your having come here on earth. You lived. Without it, you have just gotten stuff, bumped into a lot of other people and at the end you may well wonder, "What happened?" But if you have experienced great love you know what happened.

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