Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fashion my darlings, fashion!

Fashion my darlings, fashion! In the midst of chaos, fashion is important. Years ago my great friend Norma said, "David, we've been through a lot, but we always looked good and we were always fun to be with." There you have it, my darlings. There's a lot of ladies' fashion around right now that I don't think makes you look so good, but here's some stuff for you girls. And couple things for guys:

This white Jil Sander suit on Tilda Swinton. It's got those fuller pants, that smaller jacket that's creeping into men's wear but it looks great. Jil Sander, no matter who is designing, pulls it off for me.

I don't pay attention to haute couture but these two dresses would really look good on a woman as she moved and sat. The one above is Valentino. You know it could never really be dry-cleaned - but how beautiful for its moments of glory.

This one is Dior and it really covers a women up, but is still so fragile and magical. Both great dresses.

Men, short shorts are back. I am not so sure that most men have the body for this look - but I think it will happen. We will look around this summer.


Dear David,
Can you tell when a man is really a sexual person?
~Sex Confusion

Dear Sex Confusion,
I can. The moment they walk in the room. There is something about men who really like sex and are not intimidated by it that is immediately recognizable. I will have to add that they are usually Latin-American.

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