Monday, June 11, 2012

Taking a break from sex?

Dear David,
What do you think about taking a break from sex?
~Justina Wonderin

Dear Justina W.,
When I was about 38 I sat up in bed one night, I was all alone and I said to myself, "What a relief!" Then fell back on the pillows and went to sleep. Men want to have you, then want it clear that they are smarter, better, etc. They are easy to handle, men. You know that. They just can't be allowed to be sure that they have you. That's one of the pleasures of being gay and not married.

So to answer your question, yes, you can get tired of sex but it's probably because you are tired of that person and tired of having to be the one running the relationship. I am a very romantic person but when the pain-in-the-neck outweighs the pleasure-in-his-arms, you can just get out of there. Of course, until the next one shows up. So, yes, you can take a break from sex. But it never goes away!

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