Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fashion - Sweaters. Pullovers. Whatever you call it!

July is soon upon us but I am not going to talk Autumn until it is much nearer. I hate the fact they talk about summer when the snow is still flying and just about the time you are wondering what to wear in the summer, all they are talking about is September. Not me. So here is your fashion direction:

Sweaters. Pullovers. Whatever you call it! The short-sleeved sweater for men I think is good. This is from Calvin Klein, I'm sure for Fall. But you could copy it now in a lighter weight.

And here's another from Armani Exchange. I like this cotton sweater with nothing under it. With white pants or shorts. Excellent.

D-Squared has this sweatershirt and sweatpants pair going, probably for a lot of money. But keep your eye out for the sweatshirt that can be worn like a sweater. This one has those inset sleeves. What did they call them? There was a name when they used them in overcoats. Good luck.

And D-Squared also has this kind of bulky shape, lightweight double-breasted white jacket. The little jacket is in, but this looks good. I would wear it. We will keep our eye out for this in heavier weight for Fall.


Dear David,
What do you think about those rings for your "you know what"?
~Party Goer

Dear Party Goer,
I am more of a party pooper. I don't get this accessory stuff. It's sort of to show off. Romance isn't about showing off.

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