Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fa-shoon! Fas-hoon! Fash-oon! Voilet moccasins, celebrity nudity and more...

Fa-shoon! Fas-hoon! Fash-oon! There's a lot going on in fashion right now. All of which I like. Very quickly:

1. Violet Moccasins. Are these great or what? I found a lot of stuff in the Spanish GQ, which is as different as the American one as night is from day. You never see anything in American GQ you haven't seen a million times before. Spanish GQ gets well dresed guys to edit choices and they put up some great stuff. These shoes are by Car Shoe (and expensive) but they are unforgettable.

2. New combinations of colors. Also from Spanish GQ. Here is bright dark blue, yellow and green. Don't be afraid of color. This looks great, and not particularly gay. This is THE look.

3. I think this new heavy knit T-shirt is a very good look. I don't usually like this very unusual stuff, but I think this may be a new trend. And it looks good with the new short shorts. Brace yourself. Short shorts and a heavy knit top can look really sexy any manly. Really.

4. That white suit. This is exactly how it should look. You could look really swell this summer. Get going!

Now: celebrity nudity. What is going on? I found this picture of January Jones ( from Mad Men) wearing Versace shoes and nothing else. Is this correct for a not-exactly-a-teenager rising actress? Am I wrong? Tell me.

And then Marc Jacobs with his new fragrance "Bang." Marc, I don't this it's right. I think you should keep your excellent body private. It's for making bamboola, not news. And I found this picture of him in a suit at a runway show. Those pants fit terribly. Low crotch, wrinkles, too long jacket. What was he thinking? Wasn't there anyone there to say "Marc, that suit isn't working?"

How about Amanda Hurst? I think she's shocking. Rich and can you spell s-l-u-t? Really.

And lastly, poor Karl Lagerfeld has a muse. Young Baptiste Giabiconi. Mr. Giabiconi is supposedly a major model. Has anyone ever heard of him? Me either. he supposedly inspires Karl. Poor Karl. You're around this stuff all your life and you're still not immune.

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