Thursday, August 2, 2012

Autumn fashion is here!

Men's fashion for Autumn is coming up. This look by Tagliatore is it if you live in a cold enough climate. Very well cut gray topcoat over tweed jacket. Really good.

This is sort of the same look except over a long, loose-knit cardigan sweater and a dark T-shirt underneath. Looks like the T-shirt is long-sleeved. Very stretchy, knitty which is a bog look this winter I think. Please note that the short length pants have a widecuff. I am not a fan of short pants but this looks kind of right with this look. But it requires the high boot. Too much ankle just looks geeky.

The English cap seems to be coming back. I have seen it around in a number of places.

How about this velvet suit? I had one in dark green years back and I wore I a lot. I had dinner with Dana Andrews, the movie actor, once. I wore that suit with a white gardenia in the lapel. He said, "Why are you wearing that gardenia on your lapel?" I said, "It won't stay in my hair."

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