Monday, August 27, 2012

In-Law Unlucky...

Dear David,
My lover is very attached to his mother. He calls her everyday while he is driving to work and they speak at length about her problems, her unhappiness, her conflicts with her family, her neighbors, her so-called friends, her husband. She is a holy terror. She makes him very unhappy but he still feels he must speak to her every day. She and I have never come into conflict and I have no plan to do so. Is there anything that can be done?
~In-Law Unlucky

Dear In-Law Unlucky,
 That poor woman. You don't have  to wish her bad luck. She already has the bad luck to be herself. Were it me, I think I'd just put her over in the corner of my life and seal her in with wax and forget about her as much as possible. When there is no solution it is not a problem. It is just a thing. And remember, he loves you more than he does her. He isn't sleeping with her...

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