Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fred Astaire, plaid suits, long hair and horror stories

 I don't know why but fashion has really been on my mind lately. I have been thinking about white shoes and then suddenly I come across this mid-1930s picture of Fred Astaire in tweed jacket, scarf, and what looks like white pants, dark socks and white shoes. This is not a summer look. I think the pants could be light gray or beige. But the shoes really work and I wouldn't have thought of the dark socks. Excellent.

 I think if you want to look different without going overboard this Autumn this Ermengilda Zegna plaid suit is really good. Or something very like it. Dark shirt and sort of clashy tie works well, too. Is long hair coming back? Are we entering the 1960s again? We could do worse.

I also just ran across this photo with a woman in dark glasses and a man's plaid forepiece cap. So good, so current and actually is also from 1936, just like the Astaire photo. They both were able to create those classic looks that just go on and on.

Horror Story! What gives with all these hats from Louis Vuitton and now Ralph Lauren? I would think if there is on thing women don't need to struggle with right now it is an unmanagable hat that doesn't make them look better.

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