Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ Cedric Bihr

Handsomest Man in the World for you this week is Cedric Bihr. An older guy with that lean, trim body we all love. Beard and all, this is the guy! Bihr? Hmmmm? Where could he be from? Are there any more there like him? All aboard!

Dear David,
What's the biggest scandal you know of?
~Scandal Monger

Dear Scandal Monger,
I am so glad you asked. Gore Vidal, the write and television personality just died at 86. He lived with a man named Howard Austen for over 40 years, Gore always claimed they were not lovers. Gore also slept with many people. I don't believe his story for a minute and the fact he put together a whole line about "there are only homosexual acts, there are no homosexuals" was a ridiculous statement. He just didn't want to be called gay. A good-looking, famous man who let his lover down as completely as anyone could. For me, that is a great scandal.

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