Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Republican Koch Brothers

Dear David,
No one ever seems to mention that the Koch brothers, Charles and David, the money machine behind the Republican party, have a gay brother. How does that happen?
~Mr. Hmmm

Dear Mr. Hmmm,
I love your name. And funny you should ask. When I did my picture book on the photographer George Platt Lynes I was able to use the files of Frederick Koch, brother to Charles and David, who maintained an office on upper Fifth Avenue. He had obtained all the Platt Lynes male nude negatives from the artist Bernard Perlin as I understood it. If you wanted to do research, the Platt Lynes nudes were all at the Frederick Koch office and there were hundreds of them. Mr. Koch, the few times I met him, was rather snippy. Even if you were paying to use material from his files. He later took all this material to his home in the country - in New Jersey I think. But listen, hey, just because he owns most if the male nude photographs of George Platt Lynes, does that make him gay? It is strange however that he is never mentioned in the press.

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