Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wanting more...

Dear David,
I am living in Miami Beach. I am seriously interested in a relationship and not just dating around. Miami Beach is great and the men are great, but I am finding it to be pretty much of a playground. Everyone wants to have fun, no one wants to get serious. I am thinking of moving to New York where I get the impression men are more serious. What is your advice?
~Wanting More

Dear Wanting More,
I am not so sure that New York is the solution. I lived there a long time and I always got the impression that no one wanted to commit there because someone better was just around the corner - sort of similar to here in Miami. I think love can flourish anywhere. The important thing is not to be afraid of being the one to go first. Once you are in love with someone you can get determined to pull them out of the herd and into your arms. Are you sure you really want to commit? If you are and you find the guy you want, just hang on and don't let him go! I have fallen in love with someone because they were in love with me. It can happen.

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