Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gorgeous new art books & something I never noticed

I want to call your attention to two great new books by friends of mine. One is by Wes Hempel called "Paintings: Injury and Desire." Beautiful painting of beautiful men in their late teens and early twenties. Portraits really, mostly nude and in incredible romantic surroundings. Contact Wes at www.weshempel.com.

The other artist is Jack Balas, who has a wonderful new book out called "Tattoo Detour: Paintings and Drawings from Honolulu." This is unique kind of male nude book: captured in the moment drawings and paintings of young men in Honolulu. What I love is many of them having talking balloons (as in comic strips) and Jack is a funny, great writer as well. You're going to love this really front-edge new book. contact Jack at: www.jackbalas.com.

Wes and Jack are a couple whom I have known for quite a long time. You need to know about them!

Dear David,
So many gay men seems to have suffered a lot in their growing up with feelings of guilt and rejection. I've heard you interviewed and you didn't seem to have this experience. Please explain.
~Muy Interested

Dear Muy Interested,
I don't want to sound like a jerk, but when I told one of my nephews I didn't think I had ever experienced homophobia he said "You just didn't notice." I think in the US we are very concerned about the opinions of others. This is not true everywhere. In France if someone in a village disagreed with everyone else there, that still wouldn't change their mind. For them, everyone else is wrong amd they can go jump in the lake. I'm like that. I always knew I liked men. And lots of men seemed to like me. And I don't really care what others think of me. I am only concerned about what I think of them. Listen, we are only here for some 70 odd years. We have to get on with it!

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