Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Can a gay man play heterosexual roles in Hollywood?

Dear David,
Do you think we have come far enough that an out gay man can play heterosexual roles in Hollywood and be accepted by the American pubic?
~I.M. Curious

Dear Mr. Curious,
My trainer was yearning over Matthew McConaughey the other day and was amazed that Mr. McConaughey may no be as hetero as widely assumed.

(Photo of Matthew McConaughey via thebosh.com)

I pointed out that he attended the Academy Awards for the first time with his mother. I think there is a lot of inauthentic marriages in Hollywood because the public is NOT ready to see a gay man pretend to be straight. I don't think I am, really. Because in movies contrary to the stage we "live" them and think they are real. That is one of the stage effects of film.

More important, there is no general awareness that people can be attracted to their own sex at some times in their lives and not at other times. Being gay for some men can be kind of off-again, on-again situation. So our Hollywood romantic stars MUST be heterosexual for the public to want to see them.

This goes way back. Robert Taylor was married to Barbara Stanwyck, a kind of unlikely couple:

Tyrone Power was married to Annabella, a French star. Another unlikely couple:

I think when Hollywood male star marries a script girl or a lady bartender, or has a series of vague girlfriends from Las Vegas, there is a lot to think about there. For myself, I couldn't care less. But I only think that it is sad to give up having a really great and meaningful relationship with somebody because your career doesn't allow it. That's sad. A little bit like going into a convent.


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