Thursday, May 26, 2011

Role Models for Older Gay Men?

(Salvador Dalí & Coco Chanel image via firelily tumblr blog)

Dear David,
I am in my sixties and seventy is looming ahead. I am in good health and good form but I don't see any older gay role models I want to be like. What are your ideas?
~Mr. Mature

Dear Mr. Mature,
I faced the same problem and my role models wear actually women. As I reviewed people's lives as they grew older I admired Coco Chanel and Elsie de Wolfe, Lady Mendl. Chanel made her comeback at seventy after the war and Elsie Mendl fled Paris and went to Hollywood during World War II and was very successful interior decorator there and in her eighties. She got a facelift, put her hair up like Betty Grable and went to work. I think the inspiration here was they worked. You may have to change careers but plan to work. Writing a book, taking nude photographs, designing t-shirts. There's lots of stuff to do the world is waiting for. You may be one of the role models younger gay guys will copy.


Does anybody know where this is?


More Gossip:
Even more news on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Early in his bodybuilding career he was supported by a very gay guy in Spain. I have photographs of them in their apartment...Next Week!

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