Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Fashion Advice for the 21st Century

Dear Davids Gay Dish,
Your blog is making me nervous about how I dress. I am not sure what is age appropriate anymore. Help me.
~Lost in Fashion

Dear Lost in Fashion,
Your letter came in the nick of time as I was just getting ready for this week’s fashion direction.

Here’s a very simple picture of a black suit and white shirt. Notice that it is a snug fit. The jacket is short and the jacket just buttons:

Here’s another more casual look. Tight jacket. Tan pants. You can carry a large bag. We all have a lot of stuff:

I think this leather-edged jacket looks very new:

If your body is good enough a tight long-sleeved T-shirt is good. Note the pompadour hair, you can probably get away with this:

Does your body looks like this? You must try:


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