Thursday, May 19, 2011

My boyfriend has no taste in clothing!

Dear D.G. Dish,
You have been talking about men's fashion a good bit so I thought I'd tell you my problem. Although it isn't a very serious one. I like to dress in style and I think I look good most of the time but not overdone. My boyfriend has no taste in clothing at all. He'd wear blue jeans to a wedding. I keep suggesting that he wear this or that and it's like whistling into the wind. He just doesn't hear me and just doesn't care. It doesn't particularly bother me except that he's a good-looking guy with a good body and I want him to look great. Maybe I just want to show him off at his best. Maybe I should just forget it. What do you think?
~Fashion Perplexed

Dear Mr. Perplexed,
First, you have a good-looking boyfriend with a good body. Fantastic. And you are probably most interested when all his clothes are off anyway. But here's what I think. It has worked for me in the past. You want him to wear a navy blue blazer, for example. Go to Armani. Get him a really expensive blazer. Take him along so you are sure it will fit. He will look in the mirror and I promise he will see the difference. And when he hears how much you are paying for it he will know you love him a lot and also he will have to wear it. It's expensive. You can follow this with a great pair of shoes. A really expensive pair of jeans. A great white shirt. And he will look spiffy in these simple clothes. You can follow up with a suit if you have a wedding or great party to go to. When it costs a lot, they will wear it. Try it. You'll see.

Here's a fashion suggestion for next fall. I haven't liked the double-breasted cardigan but under a jacket this looks good. Even that unnecessary scarf is good here:


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