Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Handsomest Man in the World & Men's Fashion Advice

This is Wednesday and Handsomest Man in the World day. Today's choice is Enrique Almanza, who works with one of my cousins here in Miami. The photograph is from a trip out on my cousin's yacht in the bay of Miami. Enrique is very smart and capable and I think you can put him in the category of "HOT", don't you?

Don't forget about my book party tonight for my latest book "Love in the Loire." (Details on right side of blog). I will read something witty and wonderful from it. I’d like to see you. Please come. Wed. May 25th at 7:00 PM / Books and Books / 927 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Also, today I have this request:

Dear David,
I like your fashion directions very much for men but I am never going to be that tall and thin. Never was and am not going to get better. What are your fashion directions for us with the lower, broader physiques. I want to look younger and with it but I don't want to look freaky. Help!
~Fashion for the Average Guy

Dear Fashion for the A.G.,

Does this help?

1. The shorter, tighter jacket. This doesn't need to squeeze you in, but the butt should just meet the button hole in the front. No looseness. Somehow is makes you look tall and thinner no matter your build:

2. Try turning the collar up. It makes you look a little more dashing and Cary Grant like:

3. White about the face. The white shirt without a tie and dark jacket will make you look with it. For evening or parties stick a hankerchief in your breast pocket. That look is back and makes you look a little devil-may-care:

4. Recently I am seeing the v-necked t-shirt under jackets and that looks good. Somehow extra skin makes your face go up. But plain, please. A white or dark T-shirt. No colors. Gray is the new black:

5. I love this new Zegna jacket. All sort of unfinished. Just for those dress-up moments but you don't have to be thin or tall for this. It really looks new:

6. The scarf. You can get away with this if it is under control like this:

7. Your hair. Comb it straight back and up. If you're young it can go pretty wild. More mature, keep it under control but it can go up:

Don't be afraid of blonding your hair in a way that looks like you really meant to do it. The streakier and dark roots the better. It can make you look younger and stand out:

8. Lastly, I love this look and I do it.Take a regular tie and tie it like a bow tie when you are really dressing up. It is kind of correct and it really isn't faggy. Just sort of front edge:

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