Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dear David G.D.,
I read your blog on bisexuality with some interest. I think I am fully homosexual but I have encountered men who presented themselves as bisexual. I wonder if they have a different set of emotions for the two different sexes when they have intercourse?
~I'm a Curious Fellow

Dear Ima,
There was a Texas society woman actually named Ima Hogg. Did you know that? Her pa, Mr. Hogg, had a strange sense of humor. They were enormously rich and Ima had a major career as a hostess in Texas and Washington, DC.

As to your question, I myself have a different set of emotions for every person I sleep with, but I do understand your question. I think some men sleep with women from a sense of duty, and as you probably know already, most men will have sex with mud. If you asked them they would probably say they are more excited by one sex than the other. I need to know more about this and I always wonder if love is involved. Do you think each of us feels love differently? Gee, I hope not.

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