Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Handsomest Man in the World & Fashion Advice

Here it is Wednesday, Handsomest Man in the World Day. This week my choice is Mick Fanning, a blond surfer evidently who does not look like most blond surfers. I found him in a year old Uomo Vogue magazine and thought he looked quite stalwart and individual. Most good-looking blond men have that "I'm just going to lay there" look you want to avoid. But he doesn't. Kind of latin-looking guy with blond hair. Unusual.

Fashion Notes:
1. I liked the look of this small check cotton jacket. I don't remember seeing this before. Looks good, particularly with white pants:

2. I thought this classic look with the tight blazer from Hackett of London was perfect. You have to be careful with the small jacket but this works:

3. Please do NOT look like this this summer:

4. Interesting to wear a light leather jacket and carry a leather bag with boat wear. I wouldn't have thought of it. Great legs. He must play soccer. I like legs with calves:

5. Here's a sexy picture for you. As a kind of Lucky Strike extra:

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