Monday, June 27, 2011

Weiner Scandal

(UPI Photo/Dominic Bracco II)

Dear David,
There is so much in the press and on the news about the Weiner scandal and men sending photographs of their penis to people. What do you think of this?
~Penis Puzzled

Dear Penis Puzzled,
You have to remember that only in our Puritanical age has it been so taboo to look at private parts.

The Greeks, the Romans and many earlier cultures had no problems seeing the entire body. I've always thought it a bit curious. Say for instance, your ears were taboo and we all wore ear muffs all the time. "He showed his ears! Actually, only one of them." Imagine that kind of shocked conversation.

I think it's kind of healthy to let the world see all of you, but if you've ever been on a nude beach you know it's not much of a treat. From my own experience most men would do well to just let us imagine it.

In my latest novel, "Love in the Loire," one character explains that it's very exciting for him just imagining every man walking around with his hidden treasure.

As though every woman was wearing a fabulous diamond and emerald necklace, covered up with a turtleneck sweater. We know it's there but we never see it. Only a privileged few.

Anticipation is often more exciting than the real thing. Women know this. Men don't.

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