Thursday, June 9, 2011

Help! Decor Dilemma!

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Dear David,
I hear you have some judgement on decorating so I would like your advice. I love my partner a lot but our taste is completely different. Now that we live together our apartment looks like it has schizophrenia, with his things mixed with my things. He has taste, but it is so different that we just find it almost impossible to buy furniture or art or even lampshades together. What to do?
~Decor Dilemma

Dear D. D.,
My advice is this. You decorate the living room. He decorates the bedroom. You do the kitchen. He does the bathroom. If you have more rooms, keep it up. Or choose which rooms you'd rather decorate. Since you like him fine maybe you should decorate the bedroom, where you'll be spending lots of time.


Thank-you To Queer New York's David Frank Ray (aka QNY's Darling!) and guest writer/photographer Miguel Dominguez for covering my very fun and successful book event! Read all about it and check out their photos on their blog here.

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