Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bum Sex...Life

(Upset woman photo via mankindunplugged.com)

I just got a great message on facebook from someone with what looks like an indecipherable Russian name. A woman who says she was surprised that women just accepted sex. She herself found that sex was often the only reason for keeping a heterosexual man around.

I thought this was great news and is motivating me more to do a book. How about a title like "What Happened Last Night? Forty Women Talk About Their Sex Lives."

I'm beginning to wonder why I want to think that many women have bum sex lives. Is this a gay thing? Do most people have bum sex lives? Is this because our culture has an underlying idea that sex is bad? Or does this underlying idea make sex more exciting? I have to think about this.

Added note for today, I have discovered that most of my friends don't read my blog, though I have thousands of hits from all over the world. Hmmmmmmm. More about this next week.

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