Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The world of men's jewelry...

Dear David,
What's your take on what is okay and not okay in the world of men's jewelry at the moment?
~B. Jeweled

Dear B. Jeweled,
Men's jewelry is such a dangerous area. As Chanel said, "Less is More." Elegance is abstaining I do believe, but then every once in a awhile i want to just violate Chanel's dictum "Look in the mirror and take off one thing" and look in the mirror and add one thing.

At this moment, bracelets are ok for men. With a watch. I am not nuts about all those little stringy things, but laden down wrists look kind of manly to me. I will never like neck chains. Somehow when a man is on top of you you don't like all those chains flopping around. At least I don't.

Rings? I kind of don't like and especially if you don't have big hands. If you have big hands one great big ring can be ok. And your wedding band is always ok.

Earrings for men? I don't get it. I never thought pirates were sexy. If you like Johnny Depp's gayish pirate thing he's doing go for it. But as I said, I don't get it. And particularly when they match. It's very "everything I own I am either wearing or driving."

As for women, big earrings and bracelets. Necklaces seem wrong right now and particularly all this lacy, itsy-bitsy stuff. All part of the "I am fragile and feminine and need taking care of" trend is fashion which I think is all wrong.

Please note the David Yurman jewelry ad at the top of this post. For me he is the new Tiffany.

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