Monday, June 20, 2011

How I Blog on Vacation...

Dear David,
I live here in Miami Beach and one of your friends said you were in South America. Where were you and how do you keep your blog going everyday while you're traveling?
~Muy Curioso

Dear Muy,
Actually I am back as of last Friday from Montevideo, Uruguay where I have a home. I make one of my friends buy a house every year in Montevideo and we are up to eight. The most recent was an unusual gentleman from Taiwan, originally from the U.S., who arrived, bought a house in five days and then sank from sight. We are all hoping he will resurface soon...

This trip a friend from Paris was coming to work on the house he bought last year and I came down to help him out. The volcano in Chile was no help. I made it to Buenos Aires and then had to come over to Montevideo across the river Platte by boat. My friend was stranded in Sao Paulo, Brazil for almost three days. Light ashes are falling everywhere.

As for my blog, with the assistance of my intrepid "blog mistress" Jennifer Page, I write and film several weeks in advance so as not to spare anyone of my thoughts. Arrivederci until tomorrow!

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