Friday, June 3, 2011

"Love in the Loire" Book Reading & Nude Arnold Schwarzenegger photos

Here I am reading from my latest novel "Love in the Loire" at Books & Books in Miami Beach on Lincoln Road:



And here is the photo I promised...Arnold in his hey-day, we covered up his "winkie" for you. David's Gay Dish is a G-rated blog afterall:

The text in the article says: "At the beginning of Total Recall, we briefly see a bit of ass-top and a butt cleft," a prurient reviewer noted. "More satisfying is the scene in Red Heat...Schwarzie flounces around a sauna and then bounce around in the snow, giving us some shots of his tremendous ass" (upper left, facing). Called "and unstoppable womanizer" (bottom left, facing) despite his marriage to Maria Shriver, Arnie is said by a male pal to favor a sex act he calls "polishing the helmet" (bottom left), explaining, "It's not being unfaithful. It's only some plo-jobs." I was always fascinated by size and bigness," says the modern day Hercules (middle left). He shows off massive thighs, great glutes (bottom & top right, facing) and a muscle that remains to be seen pumped up to its full potential (below).

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