Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Keep Sex Interesting in a Long-Term Relationship

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Dear David,
What would you do to keep sex interesting when a relationship goes on for some time? I do not want to head towards threesomes.
~Double or Nothing

Dear D.O.N.,
You are so right. There is no reason for sex to get boring. I slept with the same person for 30 years and I never didn't feel like it. He said to me once, "You are so inventive. You really should have worked as a whore." Was that a compliment or not? I was never sure. Anyway. I like to sort of edge them towards things they want to do and don't want to do at the same time. Put a finger here. Put a finger there. Try things you have not tried before. Places: the kitchen? Positions: on the bathroom floor kneeling, in the bathtub? Be aware. If they seem to really like something, follow it up. This is your job. I particularly like to hear, "You made me do that" in an accusing tone. That means they did something they were thinking about but didn't have the nerve. Now they can blame you.



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  1. David you are so charming, I am so glad we met and I love the book!

    David Frank Ray