Monday, June 6, 2011

Gay Dad?

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Dear David,
I was at a party recently and met and attractive Latin-American man who was gay. He told me he had been married and has 2 children. He said, "I was gay originally but got tired of the lifestyle, got married and had two children, but now I'm back to being gay again." What do you make of this?
~One of the women who reads your blog

Dear Woman Blog Reader,
How nice to hear from you. My blog-mistress reports to me that many of the four thousand hits I've had in past two months are from women. That's why am giving fashion advice for the girls once a week. Please ladies, continue to contact me.

As for your Latin-American friend. To me the Latin-American world is pretty much a matriarchy, stemming as it does from the Mediterranean culture of Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Mom is the most important thing in that culture and getting married and having kids to please her seems extremely important. You are not gay in that world if you do not "bottom." Men can pretty much insert their penises anywhere and it's ok. It is very different from the gay world as we know it in North America where prominent men in sports are beginning to come out.

My only thoughts about this, and this is true for everywhere, is I think the poor wives get a bad deal. They really deserve to have husbands that think they're number one and are not either leaving them or cheating on them with other men. I don't think this situation is going to change very soon.

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