Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hot Ads, Fashion & New Movies!

I am just back from racing around. Down to Panama, then off to Berlin, on to the French countryside and now back for rehearsal for my new musical based on my book "How To Be Gay in the 21st Century." Great sounds with David Cohen composing. He is so good.

I found three directions for men's fashion for the months ahead. I like long hair and the guy in the racing car driver's jumpsuit is extremely hot:

Here ladies, is a great dress from the Jil Sander collection that will certainly be very good this Fall. I love the little T-shirt gone wild. Always a great look for women. It is really better than cleavage in cold weather. Men know what's in there. You can't miss it.

What I also have for you is a new ad I thought was really sexy. It's an ad for a pocket watch of a woman clasping a man's body with his jeans slipping off. I call this "Time Out!" I thought you'd like a little extra sexiness today:


Being in Europe I have yet to see the movie Gun Hill Road, but there is a transsexual character played my Harmony Santana that I think prefigures a new direction. Mr. or Ms. Santana got great reviews and is not a joke. He really should be the woman he chooses to be. I've not been big on transsexuality as I think it kind of cuts those men off from a realistic sex life. But I am coming around.

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