Thursday, September 15, 2011

Women's Fall Fashion 2011 ~ My Favorites

Things I think look great and will make you look great. They don't have to be these exact items. Just the look. I endorse no one. I just read an interview with Helen Mirren and she said, "You pay a fortune for a couture jacket and a few dollars from one from a thrift shop. You walk down the street and look exactly the same." Precisely, the day of needing brand name reinforcement is over. Anyway, here we go:

1. I loved these Max Mara looks.
The new simplicity. I find often the second tier of ready to wear gets it better. I like Hugo Boss for men and they don't get a lot of attention. Smooth camel-hair. I like it:

2. I loved this little haircut.
Who wouldn't look cute in it? But if you are not in the first flush of youth you should wear sizable clip-on earrings. No dangle:

3. I think what Karl Lagerfeld does with Chanel usually looks foolish. But this little bolero jacket with a big fake flower in the same color I thought had something to say. Dark green looks new to me. But not over another jacket and particularly not with that hair:

4. I thought this little black dress with the glitter embroidery looks swell for evening and very easy to replicate. I will bet it will be all over the place in inexpensive copies. You don't have to have that cleavage. Cleavage says "I'm available." Do you really want to say that? I find this particularly distressing on high school students. Girls, of course:

5. And I liked this big bracelet. I never really got all the little bracelets. Those great big stones look like you mean it and you don't mind the attention. The hair? I think it's on the way out:

6. And I was taken with these green outfits from Mulberry.
Green again. And I'm liking socks with high heels. Bootish high heels. Am I wrong? I think the bootish heels keep you up out of the rain and sludge. They would in New York:

Stay tuned for next Thursday where I'll talk about new women's fashion you should just ignore...

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