Thursday, September 22, 2011

Women's Fall Fashion 2011 ~ Fashion No-No's

It's Fashion Day. And today I want to talk a little to women about new fashion they can ignore. We are going through a kind of "ugapach" period in fashion. That's a great yiddish word I learned when I worked for Revlon. It means "all messed up and not good." So here's some stuff I think you don't need to bother about:

1. Fur Purses. I am very opposed to fur. Not for humanitarian reasons but because it makes you look older. As I have said before, the great beauties like Babe Paley never wore it. It adds ten years to your age. You need a swell little cloth coat. And a neat little purse. Not made of fur.

(John Galliano & Kate Moss, American Vogue Magazine)
2. Kate Moss. This is so over. I really don't understand why American Vogue would give her wedding all those pages. She's a long-in-the-tooth model. I have said goodbye to the 20th century. I think you should, too.

(Glee Cast via American Vogue Magazine)
3. Glee. I really don't get it. Are you allying yourself with the high school rejects? I promise you, you are not in that category. You get what you expect, not what you want. Expect new beauty and fun and romance, my darlings, wherever you are, however old you are.

4. Bell bottom pants. Out, I say, out! They looked terrible in the 1960s and they make your legs look shorter. Need I say more?

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