Thursday, September 29, 2011

Men's Fashion Notes - Older Male Models & New Suits

1. Something that has suddenly arrived in men's fashion is older models.
Some are guys I remember from some twenty years ago who have returned to the big-time looking worn but still handsome. Some I haven't seen before. Does this mean an end to the skinny teenage boys who have dominated the industry in recent years? Wearing the clothes those boys can get into but the rest of us can't. The older male models indicate that men's wear is going after their real buyers. It must be the recession.

2. Here are some nice suit looks:

I mentioned last week in the women's fashion news that green seems to be popping up everywhere. Now vivid blue seems to be arriving for men. I thought the bright blue look very standout, though tough if you aren't quite dark and dashing.

The gray suit with the kind of turquoisey-blue accessories in a meeting would certainly say that you might be gay but you sure know how to dress.

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