Monday, September 26, 2011

On the Edge

Dear David G.D.,
I am at the stage in my relationship with someone I am dating where I would like to move forward to more of a commitment. He keeps saying he doesn't want to get serious yet he texts me three or four times a day. I feel we are close but don't want him to get scared and run.

He has been on vacation with his family and keeps reporting back on his young nephew, whom he adores. I have been at his apartment watering plants and see that he has several orchids that are completely dead. I am thinking of buying new ones to welcome him when he comes home. Is that too much?
~On the Edge

Dear Edgy,
Does that G.D. in your message stand for Gay Dish or God Damn? I hadn't thought about that before. To answer you, NO, do not buy flowers. My take is that his is very gun shy on anything sentimental and that is sort of "sharing a home." What I would do is buy some fun T-shirts or something like that for the nephew. He would love that I am sure and would feel closer, in that you both love that kid. I think you can pay a lot of attention to the child and it will make the two of you more and more of a couple. Try it.

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