Monday, September 12, 2011

Put Jam On It Or Something...

Dear David,
My lover has recently expressed the wish to add some S&M to our sexual activities. Being tied to the bed doesn’t interest me at all. What’s cooking? What should I do? Any ideas?
~Born Free

My Dear Born Free,
Listen, this kind of stuff usually means he’s sexually bored. Not that he feels he deserves a good whipping. This whole mystique that there is a thin line between pain and pleasure escapes me, too. If it hurts it hurts. If it was me, I wouldn’t wander off into the weird stuff. Is your sexual routine routine? Think about what you would like to do. Surely there are places you have not gone. Or as your relationship has matured new ideas or wants have emerged. At least, study yourself and go there first. I’ll bet he’ll like it fine. I mean, put jam on it or something. Then at least you’re getting nutrition.

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