Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Online Dating Dilemmas

Dear David,
Here is a problem I run up against fairly frequently. I make contact with someone online. We arrange to meet. And the moment I lay eyes on him I know it isn't going to work. What to do? Some of my friends just walk away, which I think is very rude and demoralizing for the other person. What is your advice?
~Love 'Em or Lose 'Em

Dear L. & L.,
This is a frequent problem in the internet/digital world where everyone tends to overstate their charms. But you are right. It is wrong to be rude. Here's what I think: who knows whom they know. They might have some very hot friends so make a friend of this guy. Go to dinner. Chat a lot. Be really friendly and I think as he relaxes and is having a good time with you it is no problem to say, "You know, you're a great guy, but obviously we don't have that electricity going. So we should just be friends. What do you think?" You should be giving parties regularly so invite him to your next one. Then he'll invite you to one, and your circle of acquaintances is growing all the time. I am all up for meeting people socially rather than electronically so you have a little time to size up the situation. You sound like a nice guy, lots of luck.

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