Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is a Social Question...

Dear David,
This is a social question. I have been socializing with a gay couple whom I find, or should I say, have found interesting, traveled, well-informed. But now my take on them is that they are avid social climbers that want to stay with people when they travel, have you pay for most of their meals you share and overall do not really qualify as friends. How do I stop seeing them without some kind of confrontation?
~What To Do?

Dear What To Do,
You just become unavailable. In this instance, you can lie. When you run into them smile, be pleasant, say you must get together. But you never do. If they just drop by, don't answer the door. If they want to have dinner, you are just leaving town and will call as soon as you are back. Which you don't do. you must never have a meal with them. At parties, chat for a few moments and then dash off. The impression: you are terribly busy. After about three months they will get the idea.

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