Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mens Fall Fashion ~ Hair, Sweaters and More!

This is men's fashion day. I am just back from Europe and I have a lot to say to you today. I think some of this stuff you will not be ready for, but this is where it's going. Men's suits are going to be stripped down, smooth, kind of flowing. I don't think this looks womanly. I like it and this it looks masculine and adult and the necktie is gone.

Note the jacket is shortish, the pants fullish. The overcoat is short. And if you do a color I think it's red or bright blue.

Hair: I was just in Panama before Europe and the guys are wearing long, long hair. I think this is happening. If you let it grow out, let it grow out. I think this is sexy, particularly if you don't have any clothes on.

Sunglasses: I think there may be a trend where men always wear sunglasses. Maybe they are replacing the tie. I saw this a lot in Europe. Think about it. Look around you.

Jewelry: I think the ball bracelet is okay, with your watch. It doesn't need to be encrusted with diamonds.

Sweaters: I am not big on this rush into button-front sweaters, but the giant cable stitch has something going for it. Particularly over a naked chest.

Cardigans: If you live in warm weather I love this navy blue cardigan with button front sweater and baggy pants. It should look girly but it does not. It makes you want to tear it off the model.

THE Look: Here it is from Tom Ford. Small jacket. Baggy pants. Dark glasses. It's all here.

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