Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amazing New Building in NYC & Fashion Talk

Does architecture come under the heading of Fashion? This week I want to call your attention to a new building that is projected for New York which really captured my fancy.

The architect is a Danish guy named Bjarke Ingels and he has designed a building for West 57th St. that I can really imagine would be great to live in. And not at all New York.

I am not keen on architectural design that is a great looking building but is just like all the rest when you live in it. Small rooms and low ceilings. This building looks like everybody would have balconies or a lot of exposure to the outside without feeling you were in a store window. And it's built around a big indoor garden. I love it. I want an apartment on the inside with a view of the garden.

Check out an amazing rendering video of the building from all angles here.

My last trip to New York I sort of felt it was over. The theater, although there is a lot of it, is tired. The city is so congested and airless. And the people think New York is very important without understanding where the world is going. New buildings like this make me think New York could be a completely different kind of city from the city it is today.


Here are a couple of fashion items about bathing suits just as summer heads for a close. The black little speedo look is kind of good. I always liked little bathing suits on men. And the shorts and T-shirts in those girly colors could look fantastic on manly men. Maybe it's the headgear that goes with it that makes this all kind of 21st century.

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