Monday, August 22, 2011

Love or Money

Dear David,
A serious question. If you are looking for a permanent live-in lover/partner it seems to me you have two choices if you are a fairly successful young gay man. You can either date in your age range or you can date in your economic range.

If you date in your age range this can include guys who work in garages, are policemen, you name it. High on sexiness, low on income and probably always will be. This will be a problem as I see it later.

Or you can date at your economic level, which means men more like yourself, who are more compatible but less sexy. Is there something about making more money that makes men less sexy? I want your thoughts although I think I know what they are already.
~In Search of Love

Dear In Search of Love,
You are more in research of love. But you are right to do so. You bring up important subjects. My feeling is that men who earn less are from a level of society that is not very upwardly mobile. They plan to stay where they are, think as they do and not change much. Why they seem to be more interested in hammering your clam I do not know but they are.

Men who are more upwardly mobile tend to be more bourgeois in their thinking and more concerned with what others think of them. There are two different schools of thought here. Wherever it goes, I think you've got to stick with the guy who moves you emotionally. I think there is just as good a chance he will stay with you and love you. About paying the bills, you can work that out. You may live more simply than you can afford to but hey, it's worth it.

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