Monday, August 1, 2011

Cleavage & Forty Women Talk About Sex

(Photo of actress Sophia Vergara)

Dear David,
As a gay man, women's bosom's mean little to me, but sitting in cafe's on Lincoln Road here in Miami Beach I see more and more cleavage plunging past me. "Taking your bosom out for a walk," I call it. I understand that breasts are very exciting to heterosexual men and get them very sexually aroused. Therefore all the display. My question is, do you think women get equally excited about seeing men's penises? And if so, why are men's shorts getting baggier and baggier? Years ago in basketball they were very brief. Now basketball shorts are practically tents.
~Just Asking

Dear Just Asking,
Honestly, I don't know. My overall impression is that women are much more about how it feels. Men are about how it looks. However, the fact that women are feeling it necessary to expose their breasts more and more and men to conceal their penises more and more tells us something. Men are in retreat. Women are the aggressors.

Interesting that until about two hundred years ago, upperclass men wore very tight kneepants, revealing everything. And before that they wore little rounded shorts (Henry the Eighth period) with bulging codpieces in the front to indicate they were really big.

I want to do a book "Forty Women Talk About Sex." We need to know more. Ladies, let me know what you think! Please comment on this blog post...


  1. I hide my cleavage, men look for it anyway. And as far as penises go, I find myself taking longer glances below the belt theses days. It's curiosity I think. My flatmate and boyfriend have been experimenting with puppetry of the penis lately. They are quite shameless with their appendages, and I don't want to miss a thing.

  2. Good one....I think women aren't so attracted when they see a penis, comparing to a man seeing the breasts of a woman....I think that's why designers are not paying attention to this detail regarding men and they do when it comes to " the ladies". On a top rated gay site I saw that gay women are attracted of another woman's breasts but a gay man is not attracted of another man's penis.