Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Wanna Be...Fat Free

Dear Daveed, Daveed,
You are getting so Frenchy. My question simple. My boyfriend is getting fatter and fatter. He grabs the bread basket in a restaurant and chows down on the whole thing. The man I love is disappearing. I know beauty is only skin deep but I hate to see this happen to him. Please, give me some advice.
~I Wanna Be Fat Free

Dear Wanna Be Fat-Free,
A. He's unhappy about something. Food is replacing some other thing he wants. In most cases it's sex. I think you need to start exploring those areas of sex he hasn't experienced. I will not go into any details but you need to drag him into bed and try stuff. How do I know? Maybe you already tried a lot of stuff? I'll bet you haven't. Is their stuff you want to try but you're too nice. Too frightened? He's too nice? Go for it.

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