Monday, August 15, 2011

How They Act Is More Important Than What They Say

Dear David,
I am dating someone I could get more serious about, but my impression is that he just wants to have fun. He is very affectionate in his emails. And he actually kisses me with great passion. When we sleep together he clutches me in his sleep very tightly with no regard as to whether I am uncomfortable or not.

Can I consider these things indications that he cares more about me than he indicates in conversation? Or am I kidding myself?
~On the Brink

Dear On the Brink,
Listen, I think how they act is more important than what they say. He may be shy. He may be fearful of expressing his emotions verbally. I have known that. Even very sexy, handsome men can be afraid of rejection. I would just see as much of him as possible and and be with him locked in those embraces (you make me a little jealous!) or sleeping away. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! I see no reason to have a confrontation. However, if he doesn't want to see you all that frequently, I would move on. He may care but is permanently locked away.

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