Thursday, August 11, 2011

Helmet Head or Wavy Hair?

Dear David,
I live in Miami Beach. As you cannot have ignored, we are having a very humid and hot summer. My hair tend to be curly and in this weather I have bounding wave of it. I kind of would like to let it bound, but usually have it slicked down tight to my head because I think I am better looking that way. Your take?

Dear Harry,
You are a droll. You hairy Harry. I'll be you actually have fantastic wavy hair. The kind that someone once said of, "I want to run through your hair. Barefoot." Let 'er rip, I say. I see those helmet heads as they are dashing in their Rudolf Valentino way. But when push comes to shove, I think hair should be touchable. Or as once love once said, "Don't shellac your hair all down, hair should be f--kable!" So I encourage you, "Have f--ckable hair!"


I found this image of a great suit, plus vest, plus scarf from Canale pictured above. I am not a scarf enthusiast, but Autumn is coming. It might actually be good to have handy, it looks sharp.

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