Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't Think Poorly of Me for Being Less Obscene

Dear D.G.D.,
Last week you had a message from a gentleman who had a problem with his lover's choice of lubricant, tastewise. I noticed that you used a very direct description of the problem, but the post was taken off facebook. Why was that?
~Ms. Chievous

Dear Ms. Chievous,
You are mischievous and my guess is that you are no more of a Ms. than I am. My assistant said the post was inappropriate for facebook since they may be some younger viewers that may read it.

I'm trying to avoid all vague and sneaky references and speak right about things, but again the subjects may not be suitable for younger readers. So in the future there may be more veiled metaphors. Don't think poorly of me for being less obscene.

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