Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fashion, Fashion & more Fashion!

It is fashion day! If you haven't seen already, I have two new publicity pictures by the fabulous David Vance:

And next, I want a jacket like the John Varvatos in the middle with all the braid "frogs" and buttons:

Men, this guy in brown kind of wraps up the look for colder weather:

Small jacket, big scarf, round glasses, that little pyramid upswept hairdo, button front sweater (the cardigan). Pushed up sleeves may be further than I want to go as I do want to bend my elbows and it looks like he's got on some kind of extra sweater sleeves as gloves which I have not seen before, but overall this is high fashion for men and I think it looks good. The guy in the photo above Bernhoft is Norwegian and sings like a soulful star. Listen, I pointed out Lana del Ray to you before she hit. Keep your eye out for Bernhoft!

Here is high hair as it should look if you can pull it off:

And here's the little jacket, messy hair, short pants, no socks look and it is working. I think you have to be fairly young to make this a go:


I found this look in a magazine and it has to be the WORST look of the year. Imagine appearing in public like this, with your knickers sort of slipping out of your baggy pantaloons. Fashion is supposed to make you look better, not a laughing stock:

To make you feel better, that classic old reliable Valentino has beautiful lace dresses: the short white one. The long red one.

Why didn't anyone wear anything like those Valentino dresses above at the academy awards? Only Ema Stone looked chic:

The others? Ridiculous! As though they have never worn an evening gown in their lives.

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