Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Handsomest Man in the World ~ David Gandy

Here he is, revisiting us once again- the English model David Gandy. How did someone English get this hot? He is working in the US right now and they are managing to make him look less than his best. But not here!

Dear David,
I am very handsome and have a great body but I think my penis is too small. This bothers me.
~Wee Winkie Willie

Dear Willie,
You guys make me laugh. You probably have a perfectly swell six inches (the national average) and think it is not enough because of all those whangers you see in porn movies. Those are definitely the exception. And as they always say backstage at the Opera, "It ain't the meat it's the motion." Most guys welcome something that doesn't look like a baseball bat. Get with it Willie, you're fine. And how about falling in love? Intimacy is NOT about size.


  1. I just love it when someone starts his introduction with Hello My Darlings, it is just a loving heart. I have had a long life and thankfully have pretty good health but I have been privilege to have good gay friends who like to call me a fag hag. I became a hair dresser and make-up artist schooled in Hollywood, went on to become a writer, director, producer for Walt Disney Productions. I'm so worried about my granddaughter who, I know, to be a lesbian. She is only 14, and I think her parents are ignoring who she is as though it will go away. She is moving into a dangerous period as she transitions from 8th grade to 9th and high school. How does one help a child make the transition?

  2. Dear Shazza, thank you for writing in such an important question. Look for your question answered in today's blog post- Monday March 12, 2012. Don't forget to bookmark my blog and keep reading my darling!