Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mad Men Fashion

It's fashion time and I have to admit that I am in love with John Slattery. On "Mad Men" Jon Hamm is wonderful, handsome, you name it. But the really hot one is John Slattery. His role is the older guy who just can't give up on the sex part of his life. I love it and I knew men like that working in advertising. Believe me, forty years ago a great looking guy in a good suit who was hot did exist. And here he is again.

As for the blue jeans picture, I assure you, he would never wear them. Blue jeans and white hair just do not go together.

Some fashion additions since we are in the dressing up mode. I think the lavender shirt, which is being touted about town right now is correct. I think it is more masculine that pink and actually makes you look better. And fashion is all about you looking better.

Also, I am kind of getting into the bracelet mode. It's looking more manly to me all the time. Do not ignore David Yurman, although he is sort of pricey I think he is the new Tiffany. As for the neck chain, please don't do it. I can't think of an occasion when it doesn't make you wonder if the guy is really in the mafia.

Dear David,
You advice please on the tuxedo without a bowtie.
~Jess Wonderin'

Dear Jess,
Please don't. I see the Academy Awards with everyone desperately trying to do something different with their tux. A tux is a tux. Maybe plus a big gardenia. That's it.

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